A graduate of the Edinburgh College of Art, Faisal Mohammed launched his sustainable home-wear brand Cloh in 2018. His passion for environmental and social justice shines through his work as a designer.

Faisal’s Scottish Pakistani heritage has allowed him to access and witness the sustainable fashion practices that are commonplace in Pakistan. Faisal incorporates these practices in his collections, including the use of the selvedge as a standout design feature on his garments.

Sustainability is a core influence that guides Faisal’s vision. Faisal likes to work with materials which often carry symbolic meanings, and many have been passed between family, friends, and creative collaborators.

Faisal’s deep interest in environmentalism is not just talk; he lives and breathes it. Through a job as an Engagement Officer at an equality charity in Glasgow, Faisal was part of the team that led sewing, gardening, and upcycling workshops for disadvantaged communities. The prime focus of this work was to engage communities to be conscious of and to reduce their carbon footprints and to make informed and practical choices about waste reduction.

In addition to the workshops, three annual up-cycled fashion shows were held. Giving communities that are typically locked out of the fashion industry, the opportunity to showcase their collections and crafts made from waste. This experience instilled in him the importance of engaging with local communities, artists, and designers.

Faisal believes that comfortable home-wear and intelligent design are not mutually exclusive. Cloh is a welcome breath of fresh air for those who think comfort clothing should go above and beyond pyjamas and t-shirts. The focus on relaxed silhouettes and minimal design aesthetics reflect Faisal’s philosophy of living simply, creatively, and positively.

Cloh has so far made a hugely positive impact as evidenced by a wide breadth of press coverage including The Guardian, The National, British GQ, The Fucking Young Magazine, WGSN, and a live conversation with Vogue Italia’s Talent Team.

Cloh is for people who appreciate quality design, prioritise sustainability, and who seek a fairer and more equal world.

 Visit cloh.co.uk/collections/store and buy something special, made with love and care.