Brand Ethics
  • Artisan: Cloh is a brand with a conscience, it offers a creative aesthetic on contemporary loungewear. Founded by independent designer Faisal Mohammed, who is a passionate advocate for protecting the environment. The brand is designed for customers seeking a greener lifestyle. Everything is handmade by a small team. Our clean shapes and fabrics are timeless and long- lasting.
  • Individual: We follow ethical production standards, everything is handmade in Glasgow. Cloh garments are not mass-produced, and by their nature are limited edition as they are made in small batches using 100 % re-purposed textiles.
  • Sustainable: we are conscious of the fashion industry's impact on the environment. Cloh's mission is to minimize impact the fast fashion industry has upon the environment. Throughout the design process, every inch of available fabric is used to reduce wastage.

A versatile wardrobe designed to provide comfort making items suitable for home, work and more active pursuits. Clothing is relaxed, and a minimal design aesthetic runs throughout the collection reinforcing comfort. 

“Faisal's mixed Scottish/ Pakistani heritage gives him a strong respect for all aspects of the fabric he uses. Selvedge (the textile's sewn edge that prevents unravelling) is celebrated and made into a signature design feature.” Lucy Siegle's article: “Well Dressed - Ethical and Green Living” 2017.

We share all stages of the garment's production with our customers. We hope you enjoy!

Visit cloh.co.uk/collections/store and buy something special, made with love and care.